At Write to the Point, our ultimate aim is to improve the quality of professional writing. We believe that being able to communicate clearly and concisely is not only a business imperative but is the key to self-development and increased personal effectiveness. Whether you are an independent professional, an NGO or a business, Write to the Point’s editing services will enable you to produce easy-to-read communications that stand out in today’s information-filled world.

A good editor will do more than simply correct your grammar and spelling. A good editor will help you communicate your message effectively to your audience.

We also offer a Writing Programme and Writing Practise. Our Writing Programme will give you just enough theory (cramming your head with theory is not our style) and lots of exercises to help improve your writing skills. Our Writing Practise will help you to grow your writing skills effortlessly over time until you are able to communicate succinctly, effectively and … to the point.