South Africa has a voice – let her be heard!

Opportunities for authors to get their work published have dramatically increased. Don’t put your manuscript on the shelf because one publisher rejected it! Published works are no longer the realm of a chosen and lucky few. Your work can be published!

New Voices Publishing offers a unique technology that gives the author the opportunity of getting his/her work published through alternative methods using Print-On-Demand (P.O.D.) technology. Basically P.O.D. requires that a manuscript be supplied in digital format, typeset and edited into a book format and then printed as and when required, therefore, vast print volumes – as in conventional printing – are done away with. This new technology, the trend in Europe, permits an author to bypass traditional publishing routes and take control of the book production and marketing process for him/herself. New Voices Publishing offers the South African author new alternatives – giving unpublished authors the platform to have a voice.
New Voices Publishing offers:

  • a publishing service that takes weeks and not months to print a book,
  • to layout, typeset, design & publish a book in under 6 weeks,
  • the benefit of Digital ready-to-publish files for books & covers – being able to print when the demand is there and not warehousing masses of books waiting to sell,
  • to publicise the books on the Internet as soon as they have been published with an ISBN number and inform the publishers network database about the book’s availability,
  • take orders from bookstores and individuals via the Internet, fax or phone,
  • to digitally archive the files so books are never out-of-print,
  • to pay 50% of the NETT profits to the author as royalties,
  • a reasonable fee for set-up expenses for the author’s title (see New Voices Publishing)