Workshop held in Cape Town in September 2010

We held our second successful workshop on the 11th of September 2010 at the Sports Science Institute, Newlands Cape Town. Based on our previous workshop with 48 delegates, we were quite happy to have a 100% increase in attendees. Well, it wasn’t 80 delegates who attended, it was over 140 delegates!! We realised that this type of workshop is something that can grow and expand. We, the facilitators, all come from the Industry that we present at the workshop and are passionate about the service we provide. We do this because we feel it is an important service to our community – especially for those who are looking to be published authors – informed and empowered. 

We look forward to improving the workshop so that you have a better experience. Where we have not met your expectation, we really want to hear your comments. This is the only way we can grow and improve these workshops.

Let us have your comments/feedback/questions !!

Thank you!

Barbara Mueller – New Voices Publishing

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